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1. Drilling: In 1993, the model CS07Ⅱ-4/160 CS single-head progressive cavity pump was used for cement filling grouting at the dam of the Guanyinge Reservoir in Benxi, Liaoning, its flow is 4m³/h and pressure is 1.6Mpa.

Effect: The pump adopts a mechanical stepless speed governor to control the speed of the pump below 240 rpm, so that the friction linear speed of the key parts of the pump is controlled ≤ 0.8m/s, in order to not only meet the requirements of the grouting process but also properly extend the life of key parts of the pump.

2. Slope Treatment: In 1995, the model CS07Ⅱ-1.5/240 CS single-head progressive cavity pump was used to grout the cement mortar for the “anchor project” of Chongqing Southeast Geological Survey and Design Institute, its flow is 1.5m³/h, and pressure is 2.4Mpa, equipped with mechanical stepless speed governor.

Effect: The pump uses a mechanical stepless speed governor with n≤150rpm, and its friction linear velocity of the key parts p is controlled at ≤0.5m/s, and the screw is hardened to meet the site requirements.

3. Conveying and Adding Concrete: In 1994, the model CS12JⅡ-15/ 80 CS single-head progressive cavity pump was used in Chongqing Sino-foreign joint venture Tengfeibai Cement Plant to pump fermented concrete slurry with concrete added. This pump flow is 15 m³/h, pressure 0.8 Mpa, and be placed above the concrete slurry can be started and stopped at any time.

Effect: The original slurry pump needs to be placed on the outer bottom side of the mixing tank with a depth of 4 meters of concrete to feed the pump, which solves the cleaning difficulties, and its flow is adjustable making advantages obvious.

4. Ceramic Slurry Conveying: In 1996, the model CS10Ⅱ-8/80 CS single-head progressive cavity pump was used to pump Chongqing Zhaofeng ceramic slurry. The pump flow was 8m³/h and its pressure was 0.8 Mpa.

Effect: Place the pump above the ceramic slurry tank with agitator, suck the ceramic slurry by the suction capacity of pump and send it to the required slurry terminal. It is equipped with mechanical stepless speed governor making it adjustable, and the friction linear speed of the key parts is controlled ≤0.7m/s.


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