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Environmental Industry

1. Dry Mud Conveying: In 2015, the model CSG209A5I-2/400 CS double-head single screw dry mud pump with feeding hopper and screw conveyor transported dry mud cakes to the incinerator in the Shangyu Chemical Industrial Park in Zhejiang. In this casee, the solid content is 35%-50% (weight ratio), the pump flow is 2 m³/h, the pressure is 4 Mpa, and the two pumps relay.

Effect: Previously, there were single screw pump products tested at domestic and abroad to transport dry mud with a solid content of ≤35%, but dry mud cakes with a solid content of 40-50% were not reported. This model CSG209A5I had successfully solved the problem of cake bridging, feeding, and forced extrusion of non-fluid has created a precedent for the industry.

2. Sludge Conveying: In 2016, our model CS60B02SI-20/2.4 CS single-head screw pump with screw propeller, used in Chengdu West Environmental Protection Company to transport sludge with a solid content of 20%, the pump flow is 20 m³/h, pressure is 2.4 Mpa, whose function is feeding the plate and frame filter press and it is frequency control.

Effect: Place the pump inlet under the screw propeller of the sludge elevator, and realize closed-loop full-automatic control of incoming materials and pump conveyance to coordinate the operation. The life of the key parts of the pump is more than ten months getting good feedback.


3. Desulfurization Sewage Conveying: In 2011, the model CS20602I-6/120 CS double-headed progressive cavity pump was applied to the site of Chongqing Yuanda Environmental Protection Company. It  sucks the corrosive and abrasion desulfurization sewage into the pump cavity and sent to a plate and frame filter press for solid-liquid separation. Its flow is 6 m³/h and pressure is 1.2Mpa.

Effect: This pump has the feature of high pressure and small flow, which not only improves the work efficiency but also squeezes more dry, and got good review..

4. Sewage Reinjection: In 2013, the model CSG205A5I-4/950 CS double-head single screw pump was used in Changqing Oilfield's No. 5 Oil Production Plant for corrosive and abrasive sewage down-hole reinjection. Its flow is 4 m³/h and pressure is 9.5Mpa.

Effect: This progressive cavity pump is a high-pressure pump used on the ground, which screw is thin and long, and it needs to be resistant to corrosion and abrasion, therefore it adopts the high-strength steel and ceramic spray screw surface making it work better.

5. Injecting Mud into the Well: In 1995, the model CSG12JI-20/640 CS progressive cavity pump was used in the Deyang drilling site in the southwestern Sichuan mining area to inject mud back into the well, which flow is 20 m³/h and pressure is 6.4Mpa, and the frequency conversion controlled.

Effect: This pump is a single screw pump high pressure pump used for grouting liquid on the ground. Its motor is 75KW, using a rigid stator. In this case, the mud contains quartz sand and caustic soda and soda ash, mud density is above 1.8. Speed regulation operation, fully meet the process requirements.

6. Sanitation Treatment: In 1995, the model CS08Ⅱ-15/80 CS single-head progressive cavity pump was used for sanitary sewer dredging and sanitary cleaning of toilets in Jiangbei District, Chongqing. Its flow is 15m³/h and pressure is 0.8Mpa.

Effect: The sanitation department place the pump on a trailer and is driven by a diesel engine. The pump has a strong adaptability and can smoothly pump various pollutants into the on-board dirt tank for transportation to other places for processing.

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