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Transportation and Water Conservancy Industry

1. Conveying High Temperature Rubber Asphalt Floc Mixed Medium: In February 1996, our CS single-head progressive cavity pump of CS12Ⅲ-8/250 which is metal stator was used in the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway Project of Jiangsu Communications Department to transport rubber, asphalt, and metal ribbons, meridians, and other flocculants mixed with high-viscosity medium at 180 ° C, which was used to pour the 'expansion joints' of road and bridge pavement transitions. The pump’s flow is 8m³/h and its pressure is 2.5Mpa, with mechanical stepless speed regulation.

Effect: This 'Expansion joint' is based on rubber as an elastomer, mixed with asphalt, metal ribbon, meridian and other media at high temperature, and then used as the base material of 'Expansion joint' to solve the problems of not cracking in winter and not diluting in summer . In just one month of design and production time, Chongqing Mingzhu used a progressive cavity pump with a metal stator to transport rubber asphalt floc mixed medium at one time in construction sites such as Wuxi. It was successfully applied to the paving innovation of the “Expansion Joint” of the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway. The technology solved the problem of high temperature, high viscosity, and difficult medium transportation that no domestic and foreign companies dare to undertake at the time, contributed to the scheduled opening of the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, and received high praise from users.

2. Base Oil Transmission: In 1997, the model CS10I-15/80 CS progressive cavity was used to transport high-viscosity base oil at the Moxinpo oil depot in Jiangbei Airport, The pump’s flow was 15 m³/h and its pressure was 0.8Mpa.

Effect: The base oil has a viscosity of 942 cst at 100 °.  It adopts a low-speed pump to transfer the base oil from tank to tank, and uses stepless speed adjustment to facilitate feeding and adapt to temperature, viscosity changes, and effects.

3. Sludge Transportation, River Dredging: CS series progressive cavity pump is used for water conservancy, fish pond and river dredging. Large eccentric and two-stage pump can be used to pump silt, river sand, sundries and other fields.

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