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Agriculture and Feed Industry

1. Conveying Fry: In 1994, the model CS12Ⅱ-15/60 progressive cavity pump was used for dredging and fry conveyance of fish ponds in Foshan, Guangdong. Finally, 95% of the fry were alive, in which case, fully proved the pump's insensitivity to different medium, and no changes on characteristics of material form. Its flow is 15 m³/h, and is pressure 0.6Mpa.

Effect: The key points of pump selection for this pump are: its eccentricity  should be more than 15 mm, and its speed should be as low as possible (n≤100rpm). Place it on the ship, and is driven by a diesel engine, etc.

2. Conveying Meat Food: In 1997, the Chongqing Shangqiao Meat Joint Plant used our model of CS07Ⅱ-8/80 single-head progressive cavity pump to infuse sausage meat.

Effect: Due to the meat is soft, only select the pump with a large eccentricity, and its speed is controlled below 400 rpm or stepless speed regulation will be better. The forward and reverse rotation pump shaft seal can adopt special mechanical seal to realize.

3. Pesticide Conveying: In 1996, CS single-head progressive cavity pump CS07Ⅲ-10/60 equipped with plastic stator was used by Chongqing Pesticide Factory to transport pesticides such as 'dimethoate' and 'dichlorvos', its flow is 10 m³/h and pressure is 0.6Mpa.

Effect: PTFE has the characteristics of good temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, but poor creep resistance, so adding a creep-resistant medium to the PTFE to change its behavior for better effect.

4. Conveying Straw, Bagasse, Sweet Potato Grains, Tomatoes: Our CS single progressive cavity pump has been used for the conveying of straw, bagasse, sweet potatoes, potatoes, tomatoes and other medium in biogas, feed, alcohol, biodiesel, and kitchen waste, also been used in Chengdu Biogas Research Institute, Chint Feed Company, Nanning Sugar Factory, Henan Tianguan Liquor, Xinjiang Tunhe Group, Chongqing Restaurant Kitchen Waste Treatment Plant and so on. The key to pump selection in such enterprises is large eccentricity, low speed, and when the fluidity is bad, a screw conveyor should be equipped to assist the feeding.

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