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Petrochemical Industry

1. Conveying High Temperature Residual Oil: In 1998, model CS13Ⅲ-52.6/400 progressive cavity pump was used in Wuhan Petrochemical General Plant to convey residual oil at 150 ℃ high temperature steam sweep pipeline and operate at about 80 ℃. Its flow is 52.6 m³/h and pressure is 4Mpa, equipped with metal stator.

Effect: This pump is an innovation in the selection of pumps for residue oil conveying. It is not afraid of viscosity, non-clogging, wide use range, energy saving, and its stator is changed after 10 years of running, which running cost is low.

2. Acetic Acid for Glacial Delivery: The CS07Ⅲ-15 / 160 single-head screw pump was applied to the Huangqian transfer station of Chongqing Vinylon Plant to pump acetic acid from the storage vessel. Its flow is 15 m³/h, and pressure is 1.6Mpa. As the acetic acid is the solvent acidic medium, so it is equipped with plastic stator.

Effect: As rubber stator is not suitable for the conveying of swelled acetic acid, so adopts plastic stator with a high single-stage bearing pressure, the pump set is compact, the speed regulation performance is good, and the life of the vulnerable parts is long.

3. Liquefied Petroleum Gas Conveying: In 2008, the CS08Ⅲ-20/120 CS screw pump was used to convey liquefied petroleum gas to the combined station of Jianghan Oil Production Plant. The pump flow is 20 m³/h, and pressure is 1.2Mpa, equipped with a plastic stato.

Effect: As the rubber stator is not suitable for the conveying liquefied petroleum gas, so we use rigid stator which has strong adaptability, high single-stage bearing pressure, making low consumption of wearing parts.

4. High-Temperature Asphalt Transport: In 1999, the CS07Ⅲ-5 / 80 CS single-head progressive cavity pump was used in the Karamay refinery to convey high-temperature asphalt. The pump flow is 5m³/h, and pressure is 0.8Mpa. The medium temperature should be 120-180 ° C, so use a metal stator.

Effect: This pump adopt a metal stator effectively solves the high temperature and high pressure and difficult medium conveying of the single screw pump. The stator has a service life of more than 10 years.

5. Conveying Corrosive and Abrasive Medium: In 2005, the CS20502I-6/250 double-headed single screw pump was used in Yanshan Petrochemical Plant, and the corrosive and abrasive medium was drawn into the pump cavity from the bottom of the 5.5-meter deep pool. Its flow is 6 m³/h, pressure is 2.5Mpa.

Effect: It is equipped with multi-stage stator, proper speed coordination, proper selection of key pump material, which effectively solve the problems of suction and wearing.

6. Treatment of Aging Oil: In 2009, the CSG205J2I-1.5/1350 double-headed single screw high-shear pump was used to treat the oil-in-water or water-in-oil particles in the aging oil treatment at the joint station of No. 1 Oil Production Plant of Daqing Oilfield. Hourly processing capacity is 1.5 m³, pressure is 13.5Mpa, and it is closed-loop fully automatic control.

Effect: Multi-Stage rotor is used to achieve pre-mixing and indirect heating of difficult medium, and high pressure extrusion shearing is used to achieve demulsification, thereby eliminating electric short circuit and reducing water content of crude oil.

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