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Food Industry

1. Conveying Guilin Chili Sauce: In 1996, CSO7JⅡ-3/240 single-head compact screw pump is used in Guilin sauce factory to transport one of Guilin's three treasures 'Guilin Chili Sauce'. The pump flow is 3 m³/h, and is pressure 2.4Mpa, equipped with mechanical stepless speed governor.

Effect: Guilin Sauce Factory is the largest mechanized sauce manufacturer in Guangxi. Guilin chili sauce contains cooked garlic and tempeh. It has no fluidity after fermentation. The product falls into the pump cavity by gravity, and is squeezed into the sealed cavity formed by the screw and stator through the screw propeller on the connecting rod. Under higher pressure, it is conveyed from the ground floor to the third floor for fermentation and filling.

2. Conveying Bean Paste Fillings: In 1997, CSGO7Ⅲ-1.5 / 640 single-head screw pump with screw conveyor was used for the conveying of bean paste filling for moon cake buns in the Sino-US joint venture Shenyang Dilong Cereals, Oils and Foods Co. Its flow is 1.5 m³/h, pressure is 6.4Mpa, with frequency control.

Effect: The enterprise originally used a hoist, but it was inconvenient in terms of technology. After adopting the screw pump with rigid stator and screw propeller, the automatic production has been realized and has been well received by users.

3. Conveying Sauce: The CS12JI-20/160 single-head screw pump was used for fermenting and cooking soybeans in Haitian Condiment Factory in 2011. It is mixed with soy sauce and adopts a special spiral structure, which effectively solves the problem of feeding and “bridge” The pump’s flow is 20 m³/h and the pressure is 1.6Mpa.

4. Conveying Spicy Sauce: From 1985 to 2016, CS06-CS13 and other pumps were used in Chongqing Red Star Brewing Factory, Chongqing Huanghuayuan Soy Sauce Factory, Chongqing Beibei Condiment Factory, Sichuan Fushun Condiment Factory, Sichuan Jiangyou Soy Sauce Factory, Lee Kum Kee Brewing Factory, Hundreds of units such as Chaozhou Jinman Soy Sauce Factory use Chongqing Mingzhu single-head screw pump to convey medium such as bean paste, soy sauce, high temperature spicy sauce, soy sauce, etc.

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