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Metallurgical Mine and Coal Industry

1. Aluminium Industry: From 1996 to 2016, CS screw pump is used for the conveying aluminum ore pulp, iron ore pulp, gold ore pulp, copper ore pulp and other ore pulps. It had been applied to Pingguo Aluminum Plant, Zhengzhou Aluminum Plant, Xinxiang Aluminum Plant, Sanmenxia Aluminum Plant, Southwest Aluminum Processing Plant and other enterprises (eg.: In 2005, CSG148Ⅱ-100/320 single screw pump is used to convey 180 meters of sewage from Huaao Mining Company's gold mine to the ground 960 Meters away, the pump’s flow is 100 m³/h, pressure is 3.2 Mpa).

Effect: The pump is very difficult to manufacture. At the time, in China domestic, only Mingzhu were able to produce and supply pump quickly. The Australian customer called our product 'Chinese is very good'.

2. Steel Plants: 1995-2016, CS progressive cavity pumps have been used for sewage conveying in Kunming Iron Plant, conveying iron oxide sludge in Anshan Steel Plant, conveying iron oxide sludge in Xinyu Steel Plant, conveying slurry in Chongqing Iron and Steel Plant (eg: In 2014, Jiangxi Xinyu Steel Plant bought our CS20602I-6/120 pump to convey iron oxide mud, its flow is 6m³/h, pressure is 1.2Mpa, frequency conversion speed regulation, pump speed is less than 160 rpm.)

3. Coal Mine: From 1996 to 1998, CS08JⅡ-5/500 adjustable single-head screw pump was used in Chongqing Coal Research Institute to spray fireproof and weather-resistant cement foam slurry in coal mines in Gansu, Shandong and other coal mines. The pump flow is 4-5m³/h, injection pressure is 5Mpa.

Effect: The pump is fixed on the railcar under the well and can be moved. When the pump is not running, it is necessary to clean the pump cavity in time to avoid solidification. The linear speed of the friction of the key parts of the pump should also be controlled ≤0.5m/s and should run at a adjustable speed.

4. Coal Mine: In 1997, model CS10Ⅱ-3 / 240 adjustable single screw pump was used in Chongqing Zhongliangshan Coal Mine to convey similar coal-water slurry medium, which belongs to the waste coal dry stone powder mixed combustion power generation project, its flow is 3m³/h and pressure is 2.4 Mpa.

Effect: The dry coal slurry has great wear on the key parts of the pump, and the slurry has almost no lubricity. Therefore, the linear speed of the friction between the screw and the stator should be controlled at ≤0.8m/s.

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