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Pharmaceutical Chemical industry

1. Conveying Traditional Chinese Medicine Products: In 1997, CS12Ⅱ-15/80 single-head screw pump was used in Guangzhou Qixing Pharmaceutical Factory to transfer mixed medium such as medicine liquid, stem particles, etc. Pump flow is 15m³/h, pressure is 0.8Mpa, manual speed control, medium temperature is 100 ℃.

Effect: The pump is used for mixing and conveying medicinal solution and dregs during the brewing process. In this case, it needs an eccentric pump with a large pitch, and it is conveyed at an appropriate speed while stirring to avoid the pump from malfunctioning due to solid-liquid separation running.

2. Conveying Dermatitis Medicine: In 1998, CS08Ⅲ-6/80 single-head rigid stator screw pump was used to convey Pi Yanping. Except the stator is made of plastic, it is a full stainless steel pump. Its flow is 6 m³/h, and the pressure is 0.8Mpa.

Effect: The plastic stator ensures that the quality of dermatitis medicine is not changed, and the speed of the pump is adjusted to better meet the requirements of the conveying process, and extended the life of the pump’s key parts.

3. Conveying Shampoo Products: From 1996 to 1999, our CS pumps with various specifications of CS05-CS12 were used for material transfer of shampoo products in Chongqing Aoni Cosmetics Factory, its flow is 20-30m³/h, pressure is 0.3-1.6Mpa.

Effect: This pump is especially suitable for conveying various medium in the production process of shampoo products. If the pump inlet is equipped with a filter, the mesh opening should be 2-3 mm, and it should be cleaned regularly to avoid blockage.

4. Toothpaste Infusion Products: From 1995 to 2010, various types of Chen's screw pumps of the CS05-CS10 were used for the multi-link material transportation of triethylene glycol, glycerin, semi-finished products, and finished products during the production of toothpaste. Pump’s flow is 3-20 m³/h and pressure is 0.4-3Mpa.

Effect: Its piping designation must consider the viscosity of the medium and the effect of the elbow valve on the flow velocity in the pipe. The proper pipe diameter should be calculated and selected. The elbow turning should not choose 90 ° elbow. It is advisable to control the friction linear velocity of the key parts to 0.8m/s and below.

5.Alcohol and Alcohol Flocculants: From 1997 to 2016, CS07Ⅱ-10/60 and CS08, CS10, CS210, CS309 and other single and double-head screw pumps were used in Chongqing Qiaofeng Chemical Plant and its a joint ventures. It conveys materials with flocculent fibrous medium in their alcohol-based products.
Effect: Choose a larger eccentricity, appropriate speed, and the proper cooperation of the alcohol-resistant rubber stator, got satisfactory results.


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