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Paper-Making Industry

1. Conveying Slurry: In 1996, the CS06Ⅱ-8/60 single-head screw pump was used to convey starch-containing cooking slurry in Chongqing Xiquan Paper Plant. Its flow is 8 m³/h and the pressure is 0.6Mpa.

Effect: In addition to using a single screw pump to convey starch slurry, is also used for pumping sewage. The effect is better.

2. Conveying Slurry: In 2013, the CS208LI-20/40 double-headed single screw pump was used for conveying slurry produced by Nanning Jingdaxing Paper Plant. Its flow is 20 m³/h and the pressure is 0.4Mpa.

Effect: The pump mainly requires wear resistance and leakage prevention, which is the advantage of our company's products and is better used.

3. Conveying Slurry and Waste: In 2014, CS20602, CS208L/CS21002 and other models of CS double-headed single-screw pump were used in multiple stages of pulp production in Yibin Paper Plant. Pumps’flow is 2-30m³/h, pressure is 0.3 -1.6Mpa, with closed-loop speed control.

Effect: The pump is recommended by Wuhan Institute of Light Industry to fully meet its process requirements. This pump adopts less consumable parts, has low vibration and noise, and has good energy saving effects.

4.Conveying High-Temperature Medium: In 1997, the CS03 pump was used to convey high-temperature circulating medium in the production process of Shandong Chenming Paper Plant. The media temperature was ≤150 ° C, and high-temperature steam might enter.


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