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Drug-Feeding Skid-Mounted Device
Drug-Feeding Skid-Mounted Device
Drug-Feeding Skid-Mounted Device
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Product Features

1. It is designed focus on system, which overcomes the shortcomings of poor systemicity of traditional products with a single device or component as the main design.

2. Absorb the essence of domestic and foreign dosing technology, and optimize the process with a new design concept.

3. Product structure modular design, integrated combination, can easily expand capabilities and functions.

4. Flexible configuration of the best solution according to different water quality and different requirements of users.

5. A variety of components comes from well-known brands at domestic and abroad, with different materials and grades, and be optional.


1. Furnace water treatment system, circulating cooling system, central air conditioning circulating water system, raw water pretreatment and waste water treatment system in thermal power generation industry.

2. Furnace water treatment system, circulating cooling system, chemical additive dosing system, medical treatment, electronics and other industries in the petroleum and chemical industry.

3. Disinfection of municipal water supply, swimming pools, water plants, sewage treatment, building domestic water.

4. Disinfection of industrial circulating water and industrial water treatment.

5. Other related industry liquid dosing systems.

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