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Gas-Liquid Separation Integration Skid
Gas-Liquid Separation Integration Skid
Gas-Liquid Separation Integration Skid
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Technical Parameters

Processing Capacity(m3/d):Liquid:600 Gas 4X104

Output Pressure:1.6~4.0MPa

Processing Temperature:50℃

Main Dimension:8500x2500

Product Features

The gas-liquid separation skid consists of a separator, a safety valve vent, a liquid level transmitter, a valve and a pipeline. It has the function of removing water and solid impurities in natural gas, automatic liquid discharge, automatic monitoring function of working status, and safety release., etc.The skid-mounted assembly integrated structure of the separator is simple, with complete functions and high degree of automation.


Application Effect

The situation such asliquid accumulation in gas pipeline, freezing blockage, liquid plugging of heating furnace burner, etc are effectively alleviated, and the application effect is good.

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