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Three-Screw Pump
Three-Screw Pump
Three-Screw Pump
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Main Parameters

•Transportable medium viscosity:40〜1000mm2/s

•Flow range:50〜630 M3/h
•Max pressure:6.4 Mpa
•Max Temperature:100℃


The liquid enters the meshing space under the pressure difference. When the volume is increased to the maximum to form a sealed cavity, the liquid moves continuously in the sealed cavity along the axial direction until one end of the discharge cavity. At this time, the volume of the screw engagement space at one end of the discharge cavity gradually decreases, and the liquid is discharged. The working principle of the three-screw pump is similar to that of the gear pump, except that the gear is replaced with a screw in the structure. The three-screw pump has small flow and pressure pulses, low noise and vibration, and self-priming ability, but screw processing is more difficult. There are two types of pumps, single-suction and double-suction. Generally, single-screw pumps only have single-suction. Three-screw pumps must be equipped with a safety valve (single-screw pumps do not have to be equipped) to prevent damage to the pump or prime mover due to some reasons, such as clogging the discharge pipe, causing the pump's outlet pressure to exceed the allowable value, and the prime mover. Structure, can be used for horizontal, flange and vertical installation.

Heating or cooling structures can also be provided according to the needs of the conveyed medium.
1. Heating equipment: Fuel injection, fuel supply and delivery pump.
2. Mechanical industry: Hydraulic, lubricating and remotely controlled motor pumps.
3. Chemical petrochemical and food industry: Pumps for loading and transporting pure liquids.
4. Ships: Delivery, booster, fuel injection and lubricant pumps, and marine hydraulic pumps.

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