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Single Head Progressive Cavity Pump
Single Head Progressive Cavity Pump
Single Head Progressive Cavity Pump
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Main Parameter:

•Flow: 0.2-1080m3/h    Adaptive Temperature:-100~≤550℃
•Lift: 10〜2000m        Allowable Solid Content: ≤70mm
•Specifications: 948 kinds          Allowable Particle Size:2 ~ 25mm
•Adaptive Viscosity: ≤1.0m2/s    Allowable fiber length: 32 ~260mm


Main Features:

•Strong wear resistance (adjustable structure) no leakage, energy saving.

•It is suitable for conveying all kinds of medium with fluidity, non-fluidity, high viscosity, high concentration, strong corrosion, strong solubility and strong wear. No irrigation and water diversion, strong self-priming capacity, small vibration, low noise, constant reverse performance, long service life.

•It can be used in petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, medicine, brewing and other industries.

 The progressive cavity pump belongs to the rotor type positive displacement pump. It conveys liquid depends on the meshing of the screw and the bush to make the volume change in the suction cavity and the discharge cavity. It is a kind of closed screw pump with internal engagement. Its main working parts are composed of a double screw cavity sleeve (stator) and a single screw (rotor) with engagement in the stator cavity. When the input shaft drives the rotor through the universal joint to rotate around the center of the stator as a planet, the stator rotor pair will continuously mesh to form a sealing cavity, and the volume of these sealing cavities will make a uniform axial motion, and the transmission medium will be transported from the suction end to the extrusion end, which will not be damaged. The progressive cavity pump except the stator can be classified as integral stainless steel pump, shaft stainless steel pump and carbon steel pump.


Application Area

1. Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry: It can be used for crude oil transportation, multiphase transportation, drilling sludge transportation, oil-water separation, oil tank cleaning, polymer transportation, etc.

2. Paper Making Industry: It is used for raw material processing, pulp preparation, black liquor and various coatings and auxiliary chemicals industry, etc.

3. Mining Industry: It is used for coal water slurry, ore slurry, bentonite transportation, liquid explosive transportation, flocculant addition, etc.

4. Chemical Industry: Chemical fiber transportation, PP / PE catalyst transportation, flocculant preparation, transportation of various chemicals, etc.

5. Food Industry: Dairy Milk transportation, beverage preparation, dipping preparation, wine preparation, meat transportation, dough transportation, chocolate preparation, etc.

6. Construction Industry: Concrete, building additives, etc.

7. Environmental Protection Industry: Sewage, sludge treatment, flocculant transportation, dry sludge transportation, activated carbon dosing, lime milk transportation, other chemical agent transportation, etc.

8. Biogas Industry: Biogas transportation, biogas slurry mixing, animal manure, kitchen waste, plant straw, etc.

9. Shipbuilding and marine sewage transportation, oil-water separation, mud transportation, etc.


Double-Head Progressive Cavity Pump Features:

1. Under the premise that the same outer diameter of the stator, the flow rate can be increased by more than 42%.

2. In the case of the same outer diameter of the stator, compared with the pump with the same flow rate and discharge pressure, the eccentricity of the rotor rotating around the stator is reduced by nearly 50%,and the eccentric vibration force generated by the rotor rotation is reduced by nearly 40%. The transmission condition of the universal joint is obviously improved, the service life of the stator and the universal joint is increased, and the working reliability of the pump is greatly increased.

3. The rotor rotation speed is faster, the pump flow rate is more uniform, and the pulsation is smaller.

4. With the increase of the sealing line of the stator and rotor sealing cavity the single-stage pressure of the pump is higher, and the pump volumetric efficiency is increased by 3 to 5%.

5. When the pump performance parameters are the same, the double-head single screw pump is smaller in size and saves the installation space.

6. High pump efficiency, good energy saving effect and low operating cost.




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